Jim Spira

Management counsel for change and growth

With a deep understanding of and extensive experience with successful change initiatives, Jim Spira is an agent for positive transformation in complex organizations, from mid-market to Fortune 500.


Strategy and structure

"Made an incredible contribution with his deep analytic, strategic and management capabilities."

- Zev Weiss, CEO, American Greetings Corporation

Jim Spira has helped the top management of numerous companies to understand the marketplace challenges they face and respond with preemptive competitive strategies. He has also designed organization structures to enable the implementation of their strategic initiatives.

Operations and marketplace performance

"Links many sources of insight into one path."

- Scott Mueller, CEO, Dealer Tire, LLC

Jim Spira’s extensive expertise and experience in operations management and the supply chain links of buy, make, move, sell, and service enables him to quickly understand how a company can optimize performance and profitability in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.


Corporate restructuring

"Acted quickly and effectively to drive a major change in corporate culture without unduly disrupting the overall organization."

- Steve Hardis, former CEO, Eaton Corporation; fellow director at American Greetings

With a career-long focus on profit improvement, Jim Spira has designed and led corporate restructuring programs that generate significant savings and establish a platform for continuous improvement in profitability.

Change management

"Finds ways to reduce confusing complexity to clear simplicity."

- Rich Cochran, CEO, Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Throughout Jim Spira’s business career, he has been an agent for positive change in complex organizations. As such, he has developed a deep understanding of the structural, human relations and program management imperatives associated with successful change initiatives.


Information technology and Competitive advantage

"Immediately and insightfully diagnosed one of our company's most pressing issues."

Len Pagon, Founder and CEO, Brulant (Acquired by Rosetta, Division of Publicis)

Jim Spira’s deep understanding of the strategic impact of information technology and the processes by which large-scale technology initiatives must be managed enable him to drive change, optimize profitability and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


"Pushes you to think well out of your comfort zone."

- Josef Mandelbaum, CEO, Perion Network, Ltd.

Jim Spira’s approach to problem-solving focuses on innovation and challenging leaders to provoke their organizations into pursuing innovative solutions that create the most value for their stakeholders.


Jim Spira’s passion for making a difference is boundless. His availability is not. This means he has to be selective about his engagements.

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